Clinics and Services

Elm Childhood Immunisation Clinics

To protect your child we strongly recommend that they are up to date with ALL of their childhood immunisations. Please make an appointment with our Practice Nurse.

Elm Practice Nurse provides childhood immunisations.

There is also a Nurse Hub Child Immunisations clinic held at Stamford Hill Group Practice every Sunday from 14:00-19:00. 

Please call 0203 928 0999 Elm Practice receptionist to book an appointment.

Lubavitch Childrens Centre

Childhood Immunisation clinics are held at Lubavitch childrens centre on alternate Sundays and Thursdays.  Please ring 020 8809 9050 to book an appointment.

Please remember to bring your child’s red book to all childhood immunisation appointments.

Baby clinic is held at the Health Centre, for new baby check up’s and advice. For further information please telephone 0207 683 4800.

Cytology Screening (Smear Tests)

All women are recommended to have regular cervical screening (smear tests). We recommend therefore that you have a cervical screening test carried out every three years up to the age of 50 and then every five years to the age of 65.  Women usually start having cervical screening upon reaching the age of 25. Please call the surgery to make an appointment

If you have any worries or concerns about your forthcoming cervical screening test, please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Nurse who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Practice Nurse Clinics

Please book an appointment with our Practice Nurse for any of the following services:

  • Child Immunisations
  • Cervical smear tests
  • Monitoring of asthma and diabetes
  • Family planning, Advice on women’s health issues
  • Advice on weight reduction
  • Health promotion
  • General Health Advice
  • Wound & Dressings
  • New patient health checks
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Chlamydia Testing
  • Spriometery
  • Blood sugar check
  • Urinalysis

Phlebotomy Clinics

If you require a fasting blood test do not eat or drink anything for 12 hours before your blood test.
You can drink a glass of water during the 12 hours.

Patients that require a Blood Test can have this done at the following clinics:     

Rosewood Practice0203 928 0555
Springfield GP Led Health Centre0208 806 6993
Nightingale Practice0208 985 8388
Homerton Hospital (Mon – Fri 09:00-16:30)0208 510 7459
John Scott Phlebotomy Centre (Mon – Fri 08:30-12:00)0207 683 4717
Children Under 14 years need to attend Starlight Clinic at Homerton Hospital

Please remember to take your blood test form along with you. 


Test results

When we have received the results the following will happen

If you wish to check the result has been seen and reviewed by a doctor or nurse, please contact the practice on 0203 928 0999 between 11-2pm

  1. If there is an abnormal result, the patient will be contacted by telephone, text or in writing by the clinician.  
  2. If immediate action is required, the doctor or nurse will contact the patient by telephone, text or in writing.
  3. If a routine appointment is required, the patient will receive a text message, telephone call or letter from the practice asking them to an appointment.
  4. If the result is normal, you will not hear anything from the practice.
  5. If you have access to your personal health record within the NHS app, you may be able to see test results carried out by Elm Practice.
  6. If your result is normal but you still have symptoms then please contact the surgery to make a routine appointment. For continuity of care, we would recommend you make the appointment with the same doctor or nurse.

Maternity Clinics

We provide shared antenatal care with local hospitals and post-natal follow-up, during normal surgery hours. The midwives based at Fountayne Road Health Centre please call 0207 683 4800 for further information.

Travel Clinic

Elm Practice can only provide patients with travel vaccinations that are available on the NHS.  These vaccinations are Hepatitis A and Typhoid only.

  • We DO NOT provide Hepatitis B, Meningitis ACWY, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, or Yellow Fever vaccinations.  Patients requiring Yellow Fever or ACWY please make an appointment at the Dr Gadhvi Practice 0203 928 0777
  • Malaria tablets are only given on a private prescription.
  • Chloroquine/Proguanil – can be obtained over the counter at the pharmacy (no prescription required).

Book an appointment with our Practice Nurse. All NHS travel vaccinations are free

Diabetic Specialist Nurse

The Diabetic Specialist Nurse holds a clinic at the Practice every Tuesday morning from 09:00 to 12:00 to see diabetic patients who are non-compliant with their diabetic medication, and to monitor the blood pressure and lipid (Cholesterol) control.

 Family welfare

A Family welfare advisor visits the Practice every Tuesday morning.  FWA advisor is able to offer a short 6 week course of counselling for patients suffering from mild depression, Bereavement counselling, advice about Housing, and other Benefits and also help with form filling. Patients can self-refer or referrals can be  made by the GP.

Social Prescribing clinic

A Social prescribing co coordinator visits the Practice every Tuesday and Friday to conduct an in-depth needs assessment and then facilitates active participation in local community based services eg lunch clubs, gardening groups, benefits advice and exercise group for the following group of people. GP referral only:

  • Socially isolated
  • Presenting with social problem
  • Mild-moderate mental health problems

Bowel Screening

Bowel screening is offered to all men and women between the ages of 54 and 74 years old. Patients are invited by letter from the national screening programme to their home address every 2 years.  Patients will be provided with a Fit Test kit and instructions on how to complete a Faecal Occult Blood test. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Nurse who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.