Persistent pain and opioids public campaign

About 30-50% of people in the UK live with persistent pain. Persistent pain negatively impacts on the person’s physical and mental health, their social and home lives and their ability to stay in work. How a person think about their pain can change the way it feels and how they respond to it. Opioids have little or no effect on persistent pain, and often the side effects that many people experience with opioids tend to outweigh any potential benefit.

My live well with pain

Flippin pain 

Pain explained by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Duration: 6 mins 19 secs
Turkish version

The Pain Toolkit
Duration: 9 mins 42 secs
Brainman stops his opioids
Duration: 5 mins 30 secs
Pain and me
Duration: 3 mins 6 secs