Register with us as a patient

Thanks for your interest in registering with The Elm Practice. Before you go any further please make sure that you live within our catchment area.

We may ask to see proof of ID and/or address in order to ensure we register you with the correct details – however we will always register you even if you do not have these documents. Paper registration forms are available from reception, but registering online is recommended.

The practice operates a policy of non-discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition from patients wishing to join the practice

Once you’ve checked our catchment area, follow the steps below the map…

Registering as an adult

If you are an adult, registering for yourself, the easiest way is to use the button below, which will take you to a special NHS website that will allow you to register with us.

Registering a child

You can register a child with the practice using the same button above. But you have to remember that you are filling it in as if for them –  and you are their carer. So:

  • Remember, when the form asks for your name etc, fill in your child’s name.
  • When the form asks if “you have a carer”, say yes and then give your own details as a parent or carer.

Prefer to print out and fill in by hand?

The online form above is the simplest method of registration, however if you prefer you can download the two forms below, fill in both forms and return them to us either by e-mail or post. You can find the address on our contacts page.